Saturday 29 April 2023

Worried about the Fuchsia

Thank you for all the lovely comments. After today I'm going to try and reply in the comments to make sure that I'm properly appreciating things.

Signs of rats have disappeared since I moved a few pots. I think I'll just have to keep moving stuff around in that area. There's only really one way that they're coming in. If I keep it looking exposed then they're less likely to come over. We're being careful with deterrents because we want to keep the birds and even the squirrel, though they can be pests. 

Bear is currently playing a computer game, and I'm leaving him to it. He's got so much homework to do over the next few days on top of revision, so I'm not pushing him. I've told him that it's up to him to work, but I catch him doing quite a bit of work and I've listened and nodded when he's explaining things to me. He's currently all about the exams, poor kid, and full of cold.

I'm still feeling a little poorly. I'm feeling very shivery and queasy. I think I'll take it easy until after the Bank Holiday, then I'll have to get on with things.

As for the fuchsia, it looks like this

But on 1st May last year, it looked like this.

That's the useful thing about a blog that's been going on so long. I have frames of reference. There was a warm spell earlier in the year followed by a nasty cold snap, and that may have finished it off. The rose is not as far forward. It's currently in bud, but last year it looked more like this. 

So I'll give it another week. I don't know what the sparrows will do if it really has died. It's one of their favourite perches. I suppose I could just trim it back and then grow a climber up it. That would save having to dig the thing out. It was planted by father over ten years ago and the root system is probably epic. And apart from anything else, it's been so much part of the garden and everything that there will be an emotional gap. I'm so used to being able to grumble about it and then enjoy the flowers and the birds arguing in the branches, that I don't know what I'll do if it goes. Suggestions for suitable creepers or replacements welcome.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I noticed that my garden flowers were later to bloom this year than last year, so, it might be the same for your garden, too. If your fuchsia doesn't leaf out by the end of May, then, I might cut it all the way down to about a foot above the ground and see if it takes off. Sometimes, a hard prune helps.
    Hope both you and bear feel better, soon.

    1. Now that it's been mentioned, I've noticed quite a few plants are late this year. It's been cold over here and we've had some late frosts.

      The men have had a gleam in their eye since I mentioned a hard prune and I'm thinking of hiding the cutters.

  2. I hope the fuchsia recovers. It did so well last year and was really beautiful. Glad the rats are staying away!

    1. I hope it recovers as well. It's been a really good screen between the path and us, and apart from the flowers, it's been great for the birds.

  3. Our fuchsia has only just started to get tiny buds on it - everything is late this year - I wouldn't worry to much they are pretty hardy. Once it gets going you will see a big difference in only a week. You could get a magnifying glass and take a look where the buds will grow and you might see signs of life better - they will look like a tiny reddish dot about to sprout. Sending hugs too and hope you will feel better soon. x

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, it does feel like things are a lot later, now that I think about it. I've had a close look and I think that there could be buds, but I'm not sure.