Wednesday 19 April 2023

Pity Party Continues

Bless - thank you! I hope the rosemary will survive. As rats have been sighted, I'm going to have to start moving things around again and spraying peppermint tea.

Sharon - thank you for the hugs.  They are incredibly gratefully received.

My last post was number 3000 and instead of marking the occasion, I was whining. I really need to work on my resilience. I'm having a think about that. So on post 3001, I would like to say a very real thank you to all the wonderful people who come here and who have been encouraging, kind and inspirational. This is my support network, and I am grateful for it.

Although I will grumble a little as I can't get warm. I'm wearing a top, a sweater, a blanket with ears around my shoulders and head and another one on my lap. The room is pleasantly warm, but I'm frozen. I think it's just psychosomatic, and I don't approve. I'm about to start week two of the antibiotics and I'll be glad when it's over. 

Bear has got a negative mark. I feel that if I come on here and talk about his amazing achievements then I should record some of his fails. Not too many, as I don't want my words haunting him when he's fifty and someone finds this blog, but I should try and give a fair picture. This was for forgetting his homework. He got away with some of it, as he did the online stuff, but he forgot his book. He's not taking it to heart as we have the whole revision/exams stuff going on and he has tons of other homework. I should also mention that he got 100% in some different homework that he dashed off at the last minute at break. 

I also paid for his prom ticket today. It's not too expensive, but I'm talking about possibly hiring a suit. Bear has grown so much since we got the jacket for his interview in February that I'm not sure that the amazing jacket (that he didn't want to wear and then was very keen on) still fits him. Most of his school shirts don't fit any more and I can't bring myself to buy more for the few weeks he has left. They didn't have school proms when I was at school, so I'm not exactly sure what will be going on with a load of excited sixteen year olds in a posh reception and no consequences as they've already left school. Bear has utterly, totally and completely rejected any sliver of possibility that he will be involved with either dancing or a date. I'm saying nothing. 

Writing stuff - I've put a post on my writing blog here which is sort of chatty stuff. I'm using as a way of creating a writing newsletter, so I'm less likely to post news on here. Hopefully that makes more space for real life.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. You sound like me, dressed in multiple layers! Maybe a hot drink might help you warm up from the inside out? Hope the antibiotics work this time. Too funny about sharing bear's negative marks with us, along with his positive marks! I hope he enjoys himself at prom. :)

  2. Don't forget your feet too! You need to have warm feet, so thick socks (I love "Heat Holders" ) will help you keep warm. That is a trick too for people who sleep badly. Wearing bedsocks is supposed to help. I don't have trouble sleeping, but I do know I like to have warm feet, so I wear bedsocks. Perhaps there is a correlation.