Sunday, 11 October 2015

Autumn Cleaning

Actually that's a bit of an overstatement.  I am not really in full housekeeping swing.  On the other hand my kitchen smells like a brewery - and not in a good way.  I've thrown out the contents of seven jars of fermented jam.

A jar of jam goes the same way every time.  An unopened jar is stashed in the cupboard.  Bear or DH fancy some jam.  They have one portion.  The jam goes back in the cupboard.  When I remember to check I find that it has grown fur and I throw it out.

I am seriously considering getting the mini jars of jam in.  They don't work out as good value, but at least I don't cry at the waste.  Of course, I could just stock up on the Everyday Value Strawberry Jam which Tesco are currently selling at 29p a jar and grumble about the waste.

I think this month is the month when I try and get my to do list to rock.  On it I will note stuff that needs using up.  Jam can go on there.  I can also try keeping it in the fridge but I suspect that will only delay the issue.

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  1. The problem with jam is usually caused by someone sticking a buttery/crumby knife in. This leaves behind some residue, and it it's that which ferments.
    I've found that insisting on people using a clean spoon or knife to hoik some jam out to the side of the plate has reduced the occurrence of mouldiness.