Sunday, 18 October 2015

Food for thought

Yesterday we had a savoury version of impossible pie.  I made it, and then DH and I looked at it sadly as we dished  it up and agreed that if it was too bad we could always get a takeaway.  Then we tasted it, and it was amazing.  I have, of course, lost the recipe I printed out and can't find the dratted thing anywhere on the dratted web.  I'm sure I'll find similar.  Bear devoured it, which is good.

I still haven't tried Sarah's impossible nettle quiche, but I shall dig that recipe out when the spring comes round and the nettles are tender.  I shall not tell bear what they are.

Tonight was spam, chips and baked beans.  Not haute cuisine, but it filled us nicely.  I should add that the spam and baked beans were both low salt and sugar.  It could be worse.  However what with risottos (still haven't tried that one you suggested, Witch Hazel, but will!) and cous cous and savoury impossible pies, we are eating rather well.

And here is something interesting.  I may be eating my own considerable weight in reese's cups but I appear to have lost weight in the last six months.  Jackets that were snug on me six to twelve months ago now fit comfortably.  I think losing the all the junk food that I loved but had gluten in has had an effect.  All I need to do is keep going with the good stuff, keep avoiding gluten and try and raise my activity levels and I really hope that I will start getting down to a more reasonable weight.

I am not yet ready to give up my reese's cups, so it may be some time before I am in any way slim.

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. Always nice, if you have some you want to lose, that is. I had a peanut butter cup, today, myself; I justified it as peanut butter being protein and good for you. :)