Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bear is Feeling Sore

Yesterday bear was playing out and fell.  This happens to boys who are nearly nine.  As far as I can tell he effectively body surfed a few feet along a muddy, stony, gritty road before coming to a stop.  What makes it so painful that bear wasn't wearing a shirt.  He likes to wander around bare chested, and I gave up on that battle long ago.  This means that instead of a wrecked shirt bear lost quite a bit of the top layer of skin.  Not only did he lose the skin, but he managed to coat the grazes heavily with mud and grit.

It took DH and I half an hour to coax bear out of the thick layer of grit and mud, sluice him gently down in the shower and carefully pat over with antiseptic cream.  Poor lad, we used up half the tube of cream.  Once we had managed to get the dirt off we could see the grazes over half of his chest, stomach and both elbows.  Most of it was light, with one or two nasty patches, but it was definitely a painful experience.

Today he is actually doing okay, until he remembers.  Then he is consumed by the agony and does he really have to go swimming with school on Monday.  And can I fetch him his drink as he is so sore and it really hurts.  Then he forgets the agony as he hurtles upstairs, runs to get his toys, jumps up and down at Doctor Who and generally being normal for nearly nine.  Then he remembers the agony again and can barely hobble to the nearest snack.

It is not just for bear's sake that I hope the grazes fade quickly.

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