Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I am typing this in Cardiff with very flaky internet access.  I can't comment as I would like but sending good wishes to all.

The journey was uneventful.  We had bought our tickets on line via trainline which saved quite a bit, and with the railcard brought the total to a reasonable amount.  All I had to do was print off the tickets when we got to the station.

We got to the station without any problems.  I put in my card and it started printing the tickets.  It kept going and going and going - nineteen tickets!  There are only three of us and we are only going from Leeds to Cardiff.  Apparently some of the tickets were for the seat reservations (which were very useful from Manchester to Cardiff) and some were the actual ticket and then there was the receipt.

I also knew that I had had a mother fail.  I realised as we waited for the bus to take us in to Leeds that I should have checked bear's coat.  He had been playing football in it yesterday.  Normally he wears a t-shirt or sweater but yesterday he wore his coat.  You can tell.  The coat will probably need to go through the washer twice when we get home.  Until then bear will be wearing my failure as a mother to keep him in clean clothes.

By the way, did you know that it is impossible to buy a pencil sharpener in Leeds Rail Station.  There are adult colouring books (yes, bear persuaded me to pay station prices for one) and coloured pencils displayed temptingly next to them (yes, fell for that as well) but no pencil sharpeners.  I'm going to be scouring Cardiff tomorrow.  Who would have thought that two card shops and two WH Smiths at Leeds Station would be so lacking?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  We are off to the Doctor Who Experience and I am seriously looking forward to it.  Bear is also primed.  It will be a lot of fun.  We may be able to get a pencil sharpener.

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  1. Oh, I do hope you'll find a pencil sharpener! What were they thinking, selling coloring books and pencils without a sharpener?