Saturday, 31 October 2015

Why do I do this?

I'm updating my blog.  I have just cleaned my sink.  The sink that my sister in law will not see.  That is, the sister in law who is coming in two hours.  And the study and the living room are awash with rubbish and washing and stuff.  I mean, I need to do everything.  So that is why I am sitting here updating my blog.

My sister in law loves bear.  She adores him.  There will be lots of sweeties, cuddles and fuss.  Bear is incredibly lucky.

Bless - I saw the sign from a distance while waiting for a bus and thought it was bound to be a teddy bear shop, possibly with dolls.  The window is full of the most old fashioned pipes, cigars and shaving brushes.  I was so surprised!  There was another sign.

Hair by Cats.  I wasn't tempted.

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  1. It looks like the shops all have very intriguing names. One way to draw potential customers, I guess. I hope Bear enjoyed his aunt's visit. I've been known to tidy my linen closet and sort out bookshelves when I'm expecting visitors, instead of tidying the family room where they'll sit! No one else will know that my bed sheets are in neat piles or my books arranged by subject, but it gives me great pleasure to know it and somehow, makes it easier to not worry about the messy family room!