Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What have I let myself in for...

On the bright side, Witch Hazel left a comment recommending a risotto recipe from Delia which I will definitely be trying tonight as risotto is on the meal plan (managed to stick to one meal out of two, it's a work in progress).

Delia has a really great recipe for Risotto, which is oven baked... none of the add/stir/wait/add/stir/wait hassle. Here's a link If you don't fancy mushrooms, just leave them out and stir in some cooked chicken right at the end

And it isn't raining.  And bear, while grumbling, was happy to go to school because it was something to do with computers today, and he let me off the epic fail when I couldn't find a clean sweater for him.

However I have said I will sort out a facebook page for the local church.  It's easy to do the whole click-here-and-you-have-Facebook/blog/twitter.  I just have no idea about content.  It's the church father went to, and it will do me no harm to go there either.  They are lovely people, a real working church, and they do their best.  I don't want to let them down.

I can feel a huge attack of cut and paste coming on.

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  1. Good luck with the church facebook page project. I admire people who can do such things. I'm hopeless with such projects! Even with my blog, I had to have my daughter set it up for me! I can manage to post and reply to comments, but that's about it! :D