Monday, 26 October 2015

Half Term

I am on the second batch of drop scones and it isn't even lunch time!  Bless mentioned that they sounded like American pancakes.  They look identical.  I wonder if some faux gentile lady in mid Victorian times thought 'drop scones' sounded fancier than pancakes or griddle cakes that were so much the staple of the rural poor.  I love my griddle, it does great bacon for sandwiches.  

Bear is looking a lot better, so fingers crossed he can enjoy half term.  DH is off as well, so a major programme of doing nothing together is on the cards.  I have a lot of stuff to do before Saturday when my sister in law will visit.  

I'll worry about that later.  Bear is busy with his pal, so now is the perfect and rare opportunity for uninterrupted adult conversation.  

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  1. Hope Bear continues to feel better and you all have a lovely week.