Monday, 5 October 2015

Bear is Awesome

DH took bear into town on Saturday with ongoing negotiations about playstations, x-boxes and Fifa 16.  We are not ready for bear to have a playstation or x-box.  Apart from the money (and that's a big thing!) he is just too young.

They were walking through a shopping arcade and they spotted a piano.  Bear waited for a turn, relatively patiently, and watched kids that are younger than him have a bang on the keys.  I missed it, I was doing other things, but I have seen the video DH took.  Bear did not look anything unusual, just a t-shirt, jeans and a fake leather jacket (eBay is my friend).  He sat down, thought about it, then started playing 'Ode to Joy' - with both hands!

I am incredibly proud of my darling as he did so well.  He isn't brilliant. It wasn't a 'child genius' performance, but it was pretty good and bear loved it.  Finally, a chance to show off!  According to DH, bear was impressive.  And now he can see where practicing gets him he may voluntarily sit down at the piano.  On the other hand he has just scraped mud all over the piano stool, so perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up.  

I am so proud of bear.  I can't wait to see what he will get up to next - whatever that may be!