Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Yarn it to heck

I thought I'd got over my yarn addiction.  I thought I had moved on and was recovering.  I got rid of a lot of yarn to good homes, I'm being sensible and while I admit to a few balls arriving after a particularly low moment, I thought I had it under control.

Who was I kidding?

I was reading a magazine and I found an idea for weaving a rug, where you get a hula hoop and you criss cross twine across it and then weave strips of rag in between the twine.  A good example is here (and I've bookmarked the site which looks fun).

The example in the magazine used Katia Jumbo yarn - thick, chenille type stuff that costs @ £7 a ball and is meant for 12 mm knitting needles.  It must be like knitting a very furry but thick rope!  As I tootled around my friend eBay out of curiosity (honest!) I noticed a yarn by Yarn Paradise.  It is so thick that a 150g ball is only 16 yards long and the recommended needle size is 25mm.  It must be like knitting a mooring rope with telegraph poles!  It is only £5.17 for two balls as well, although the postage is steep as the store is based in Turkey.

If you have a weakness for yarn, do not click here.  They have weird and wonderful yarn, from the purest merino to the strangest synthetics.  They have lace yarns and bobbly yarns and all the weird and wonderful.  It is amazing seeing all the varieties.

I used them years ago.  They were wonderful.  I'm trying to forget how easy it was to order from them and how quickly the delivery came.

I am going away now to not think about buying yarn.


  1. Have you thought of using rag strips instead of yarn ? a couple of duvet covers from a charity shop or boot sale will cost next to nothing, and there will be no risk of shrinkage when the rug is washed.
    I make a lot of items with rag strips so I'm sure this would work and save you a fortune. !

  2. Ooh, I want to make one of those hoola hoop rugs, myself! Wonder if I still have daughter's old hoola hoop in the garage? If not, the dollar stores here have hoops...wonder if the clinic will complain if I come for chemo therapy sessions armed with a hoola hoop and yarn? :D

    By the way, thanks for adding my blog to your blog list. I need to ask daughter how I can add a blog list to mine.