Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bear is Less Awesome (but still proud of him)

It's started.  Bear does not want to wait for Christmas, he wants things now!  Of course, with Christmas so near, his birthday not much after and so much we have had to spend out on, he is having to wait for Christmas.  Apart from anything else, if we get stuff now, we won't have anything left to get for Christmas or birthday presents.

Bear is not sympathetic to this view.

Yesterday it was a rubik's cube.  It wasn't just any rubik's cube, though, but fancy ones.  Bear has been watching YouTube and found lots of videos of people solving not only the things that I recognise but these

Bear has all the fancy names for them but I call them weird ones.  'But mum, I've looked on Amazon and to buy one individually is £13.99, but if I get the set plus the pyramid and the dodecahedron it's only £22.99 which is a bargain!'

This worried me.  First bear had learned to search Amazon.  I am stuffed!  Then the cunning angle to appeal to my weakness for bargains.

Bear continued, 'And I've lost my rubik's cube and I can solve it really easily.  It's completely lost and I can't find it anywhere so I can't practice.'

I found the normal rubik's cube in less than two minutes.  Bear completely failed to solve it.  He still wants the fancy ones.  I am sure I haven't heard the last of it.

The weather is warmer.  Bees were hanging around what is left of the lavender this morning.  Oddly I found this.  It's an orange blossom, normally seen around May.  You can see the evidence of autumn in the rest of the shot.

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  1. I don't know if Bear receives an allowance or not. If he doesn't, then, maybe it's time to consider one? My daughter started receiving an allowance (from her grandmother, my mum) when she started kindergarten - $1.25 per week (25 cents per school day). The allowance increased as she went up each grade, and when my mother died, I took over paying out the allowance. Daughter learned that she had to save up her allowance to buy items she fancied (I bought all necessities such as clothes, school items, etc.) As she got older, we went from weekly allowance to monthly. It worked out well. Her allowance was not tied to doing household chores, but rather, her "job" which was her school work (studies, homework, assignments completed on time, etc.)