Sunday, 11 October 2015

Things I have learned today.

First of all, the comment from Witch Hazel which I am putting in a post because I never pay the attention I should to comments on other blogs and this is worth sharing

The problem with jam is usually caused by someone sticking a buttery/crumby knife in. This leaves behind some residue, and it it's that which ferments.
I've found that insisting on people using a clean spoon or knife to hoik some jam out to the side of the plate has reduced the occurrence of mouldiness.

Then DH said that he had seen on tumblr that if you cut eye shaped holes in a Pringles tube (other tubes may also work) and put in an activated red glow stick then, when you turn out the light, you have a set of glowing red eyes in the dark.  He demonstrated and it looked awesome.  We shall definitely be doing that when DH's sister visits for Halloween.  We are going to decorate with home made decorations and everything.  I shall share if I find good stuff. 

Then bear said he could eat a lemon.  We let him.  He did.  He said it was refreshing.  I go with the flow.  At least it wasn't pure sugar which will probably be his next suggestion.

Also, I spent a lot of the afternoon trying not to cry.  Then afterwards I went on eBay.  I have never seen the connection so clearly.  If my random 99p bid wins, I have no idea what will arrive.  I need to find a different way to cheer myself up.  Though I am feeling better, it will still cost 99p plus postage and I would like to find a free way of cheering up that will not result in stuff piling up in the house.  

Bless - thinking of you and hoping all went well.

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  1. Thanks for thinking of me. 6 months of chemo, followed by radiation therapy followed by hormone therapy. It won't be a walk in the park, that's for sure.

    My daughter loves to eat lemons! I grow Meyer lemons in my garden and she'll eat them with salt and chili powder mixed together.

    I'm sorry you felt like crying. I've been feeling a bit teary, myself, lately. I am not yet friends with e-bay, so, I read, or bake, or pray.