Friday, 2 October 2015

Bear Continues

I was considering apple crumble for dessert last night.  I noticed that a couple of apples had fallen off bear's tree and thought that it was time to pick them, and that meant apple crumble.  I asked him about it.  Bear ummed and aahed and then confessed.  The apples weren't really ripe.  It's just that he had completely accidentally kicked a football against the tree and the apples were sort of knocked off.   By the way, could I ask Matalan for his ball back as he had kicked the ball over again.  The apples were small, hard and unpromising when checked.  

I visited uncle today for the first time in a long time.  I was only there for around half an hour, and had to tell him three times that father had died.  I'm feeling a bit low after that, but the walk through the park there and back was lovely.

I didn't see any nice things to take a picture of on my way and I really need a happy picture, so I had a look on Wiki Commons and found this.   

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