Friday, 9 October 2015

Shopping Fail

I got my delivery today.  I asked for my shopping in bags as while it adds 40p to my delivery now, it's sort of a donation to the food bank as they really need carrier bags.  The delivery man was pleasant, everything was as it should be - and I forgot half the dratted things I needed.  Darn.  This was not the same when the cut off for free delivery was £25 as getting a second delivery with £25 of stuff in was very easy.  Now the cut off is £40.  That is actually a lot more.  And my freezer is not working well so I can't just bung stuff in there.

I could just get a delivery of a few bits, because the cost of the delivery is £4 and that is the same as the cost of the bus fare to the place I could get those bits.  However I would have to carry the dratted things and I don't want to take the time.  So I am going to grit my teeth, put in another order for tomorrow, grumbling all the time, and stock up on some tinned stuff.

Then I can sit down and construct a regular shopping list, a template for meal planning and perhaps a list of what I actually have in.  I might even stick to it.

Bless - I hope you are feeling okay.  Keeping all crossed for you.  Chilli con charlie is something I learned from my mad uncle about 1982.  It's one of those recipes that can adapt.  For four you need around two largish onions, well chopped, which you soften in some oil.  Then you add around half a pound to a pound of mince or ground beef if you are across the pond.  You can't really manage with less than half a pound for four unless you bulk it out with other stuff like sweetcorn, extra onions or peppers.  Quorn is a vegetarian meat substitute made from mushrooms, low in fat and some versions, like the mince, are gluten free.  Once the meat/meat substitute is browned then you add a tin of baked beans and whatever seasonings.  I like Italian herbs and worcestershire sauce, and I always add paprika as well as chilli.  If you are in North America then I should say that the baked beans in the UK are usually vegetarian and I think (please correct me) that a lot of the tinned baked beans over there have pork in them.  I think that would make the chilli lovely and I am slightly envious!

Bear does have an allowance.  He gets £1 per year of his age every week, half of which has to go into his bank account and half he gets to spend.  However he is very good at suggesting that he pays out of his own money, then relying on us forgetting to take it from him.  I have found it invaluable, though, as when bear asks for stuff and I suggest that he pays himself, he has to think if he really wants it.  This has reduced the amount of rubbish coming in considerably.  When he gets older I am going to apply the same principle to clothes - we buy the basics and he has an allowance to buy jeans, trainers etc so if he wants brands he can save for them.  I am confident he will get very clever at getting the deals.  Bear was born in Yorkshire, and no true Yorkshireman will willingly pay if they don't have to!

It must have been so awkward chopping potatoes with the 'wrong' hand.  Sending hugs and prayers and hoping that you heal quickly.  Take care of yourself!

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  1. Thank you so much for the well wishes and for taking the time to explain about Bear's allowance, the chilli con Charlie directions, etc. Yes, I am "across the pond" from you, in So. California (but familiar with British terms as I am originally from a former Crown Colony). We can find vegetarian baked beans, as well, but the standard cans do have some pork fat included. I've an appointment with the oncologist, later today, and will find out what treatment I will require (probably chemo and radiation).