Sunday, 15 May 2016

Eurovision 2016

I love Eurovision, and I was sober when I watched it this time as well.  For the first time in years I actually enjoyed the British entry.  I am not sure why Australia wants to enter the Eurovison, but their song was great and I do feel that it is the more the merrier.

For all those in the USA who watched it for the first time - well now you know what we have been talking about.  I don't know about the other European countries (plus Israel and Australia) but the music played on British radios is nothing like the Eurovision.

To be honest, I don't think the best song won.  I think the best song of the evening was the parody of Eurovision sung by the hosts between the acts and the close of voting - here, for those interested.  I didn't bother voting for any this year, but I would have voted for that.  Thinking about it, I think the last time I voted for a Eurovision entry was when I voted for Lordi (who won in 2006 and were awesome!)

Jean - I am not surprised that they are so expensive.  Sometimes you just pay for the marketing.  I can't bring myself to pay all the money to try them!

Bless - I did wonder if you had seen the tea plantations.  I don't like to assume but I did think that if anyone knew tea then it would be you.

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