Friday, 13 May 2016

Not got the Friday Feeling

I have had a couple of people out to quote getting the wiring sorting out.  Darn it.  It looks like money that I was hoping to put aside for the fridge will go on the wiring.  Sigh.

We may also need another phone.  Ellen - I tried unplugging and replugging but to no effect.  In the end I hid the handset under the sofa seat cushions until the handset ran out of charge.  I can't imagine how you managed with power going out half way through dinner!

I don't know if there is something going on with the local wiring.  A man has just climbed up the telegraph pole in front of our house and unscrewed things at the top.  For a time there was nothing but a nest of exposed wires - and with the local magpies he was luck that was all he came back to!

Bless - thank you, I looked up Where Go the Boats and I loved it.  I haven't read much of Stevenson, but what I have read I have loved.  I am feeling quite low, but your comment brought back to me all the poems I have loved.  There is something about good poetry that is so much more than just words.  I had a wander through Drake's Drum and Sea Fever and all the old favourites.  I have found and I plan to use it.  My knowledge of poetry is desperately limited, so I want to go and play.  It's given me a real boost - thank you.


  1. Just dropped in to offer you a hug

  2. You are welcome! Glad it gave you a boost!

    Sorry the money you were setting aside for a new fridge will have to go towards wiring. But, on the bright side, at least you have the money set aside!