Thursday, 26 May 2016

Just passing through

Bless - thanks for asking.  There is a competition with a deadline for stories of 15-25,000 words, previously mentioned.  I am on 9,000 words and I have to have it finished by June 1 if I am going to be able to submit.  No surgery yet, it's very slow growing, low risk etc and I get another consultation 20 June.

Witch Hazel - remember me mentioning that you could get Holy Water online and what would happen if it was a fake?  There are always things around that lead to stories.

Bear is awesome, we are going to a museum tomorrow.

DH has been on leave and this lunch time we got to hear a lecture on the decline of magic in late antiquity.  I very much enjoyed it.  I'm planning a furtle around as there are audio files apparently and I am sure there is plenty of material there.


  1. Please take care of yourself.
    Hugs Hester

  2. Glad to hear that you are just busy writing and not ill/having a difficult time recuperating, etc. It's the "mother hen" in me - always clucking worryingly about "my brood". :)