Thursday, 12 May 2016

Normal Life Continues

What I write on this blog is true.  I may sometimes fudge on places or people to protect those who are not part of the blog, but I don't make things up.

The smart meter fitter arrived, took one look at the wiring in the fuse cupboard, condemned it and then rang the power grid.  The power grid man turned up, very kindly wrote down what I need to do, gave us back power and left.

Now I need to sort out an electrician and hope that it isn't too expensive.  We also do not have a smart meter.

We may also be without a landline phone soon, because if it doesn't stop whistling I'm going to take a hammer to it.  It has taken a hissy fit at the power being off so is now giving out a very shrill whistle which must be driving the local dogs demented.  I've unplugged it, but it hasn't helped.

I have just realised that I'm going to have to write down all the numbers stored on the phone before I take a hammer to it, and my nerves won't stand it!  Darn.

At least it's sunny.

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  1. If you disconnect it from the telephone socket as well as the power it should stop whistling. Leave it an hour then reconnect, it worked for us when that happened after a power cut. Of course you could just unplug from the phone line and then try putting it back in straight away. We just forgot as there were lots of other things that needed resetting at the time, including the oven that was half way through cooking the dinner!