Saturday, 7 May 2016

Hotch Potch

I have all sorts of bits going on.  Witch Hazel - thank you for the tip about Gluten Free Food at Aldi on 12th.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don't think bear is particularly musical.  I am not letting up on the piano lessons, as it is still the only thing that he does regularly but finds hard.  He may never do much with the music but he is learning life lessons.

Bear took part in a inter-school sports type thing after school on Thursday and came back with a goodie bag which included a free t-shirt.  Bear is 9.  The t-shirt is size aged 5-6.  Bear isn't particularly huge, but he isn't that small either.  I told him he was wonderful and I shall hide the t-shirt.

Next door but one have a kitten.  Bear is entranced.  I remember evil cat with too much clarity to be taken in, but it may yet be the thin end of the wedge.  It is a black ball of fluff called Lucky, and is currently ten weeks old and timid.  It won't stay like that.

By the way, did you know that on 23 December 2015, sunset was 3.49pm at Hebden Bridge.  There's a site called sunrise and sunset that tells you these sort of things, including moonrise and nautical twilight and it was very helpful.  I've seen an invitation for people to submit fiction for an anthology and it's funny the sort of things you need to know mid-type.  For those who are interested in submitting fiction to places, the link is here.  I'll let you know if I'm successful or not.  I'm having a lot of fun, regardless.

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  1. Take the free T-shirt and turn it to a cushion for Bear to display on his bed or chair as a reminder of the event! It'll be another project for you to add to your list! You could work on it between now and Christmas and it'll be another Christmas present for Bear (to add to the 2 you forgot and found later). You are quite welcome! :D