Thursday, 5 May 2016

Why I Should Only Shop on the Internet

The picture is of bear's new trainers.  As in, bear's trainers that had been bought that day and worn for a few hours.  When I scraped them down last night they were already looking battered and scuffed.

Today I went into town to pick up a prescription.  I ended up spending around £50 on stuff I didn't need.  In Boots I picked up suncream for bear (necessary) along with a body spray for me (unnecessary).  On the way to Wilkinsons I walked past the candle shop and I ended up spending a lot in there - a large candle that will see us through a month and a half plus a sort of cage thing to go over it which looks amazing but I don't need it.  Then in Wilkinsons I managed to not buy a canvas to do crackle glaze projects on, and I walked away from the paint, but I picked up a new watering can (needed), a rabbit treat for my sister in law to say thank you for looking after bear (purpose of visiting Wilkinsons and needed), three solar lights (which are for a craft project and definitely not needed, even if they were only 85p each) and a pair of wire cutters (which are only of use if I do the ring pull chain mail project, which I'm not doing, and cost another 95p).  I hurried home after that before I spent anything else!

Mind you, given the daft stuff I have managed to pick up from the internet anyway I don't think I am safe shopping anywhere.


  1. LOL. Obviously, you enjoy shopping! Turn it to your advantage. Take all the things you bought which you don't need (candle, body spray, etc.) and put them in a box marked Gifts and keep on hand for birthdays and Christmas. Maybe even write up a list of for whom each gift is intended. Will your sister in law enjoy the candle or the body spray? Guess what? You've already bought her Christmas gift! Consider yourself super organized and feel smug about it. :)

  2. Hi Sybil, Thjust popped up on my Aunt's fb page, though it might be of interest: Gluten free products in Aldi from Thursday the 12th. It was accompanied by a pic of all the products, but I can't link the pic.