Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Tesco Vouchers Arrive

Apparently this is the last time you can use Clubcard Boost.  I don't have anything particular I want, so I'll keep saving the points towards Christmas.

I've noticed that the coupons that come with them are in the shape of 'extra Clubcard points if you buy x' instead of '50p off x'.  All the coupons except one are for my usual shop, so I shall wait until they are on offer, except for stuff like milk which I get anyway.  I wonder how it will all work.

Something I have noticed about the Tesco people I have been dealing with recently - they are red hot on customer service.  This is, to me, quite a new development.  Years ago, if you rang Tesco's customer service you got a 'waddayawant' attitude.  Now they seem to be really pushing the good customer service.  My experience over the last twelve months has been pretty good.  I wonder if they are going to try and brand themselves as being the supermarket with the best customer service.

I have a guilty secret to confess.  I did bear's homework.  He has been like an over-washed rag for the last week, it is due in today, and it was at the stage of I either did the dratted thing myself or one of us had a breakdown.  It was a fairly hefty one, bear was supposed to list everything in the house that was electrical and say not only whether it was mains or battery powered but whether it was eco friendly.

I thought this was a tall order.  I left out a lot of stuff.  Modern houses are awash with gadgets and I wasn't up to going round each room and checking for plugs.  Children that are more conscientious are going to find this tough - do they list each light individually?  How about the computers?  We have two PCs and four laptops.  Is the kettle eco friendly?  According to the website of one of the power companies, it is more effective to boil a kettle and add water to the pan than to bring water to the boil in a pan.  But the kettle isn't rated with an extra energy efficiency rating.  I wonder how many parents are going to be lectured about eco friendly matters this weekend.

I thought I would look for a picture for this post and put 'electricity' into WikiCommons search box.  I found this.  I thought I would share.  I wonder if they still make them and for what sort of market.


  1. Interesting homework assignment! Glad you helped out Bear with it. I think all of us parents have done so at one time or another. :)

  2. Hope all is well and you are doing OK. Did you have your surgery? If so, hope you are recovering and everything is going smoothly. (((HUGS)))