Monday, 9 May 2016

Heatwave Continues

It is still warm.  Warm is a subjective measure.  I live in Yorkshire, UK, which is quite warm for those like Jean who live in Canada (I hope you are not affected by the fires) but cool for those like Bless who live in California.  As in all of the UK, it is variable.  We had snow only a few days ago, now it is ice cream and shorts weather.  I have had snow and sunburn in the same week, a few years back in May, so I shouldn't be surprised.  The weather is sunny with a slight haze and 22C or around 72F.  I take it as a license to grumble.  It is forecast cold by the weekend.

Today I have received a letter telling me that they are fitting a smart meter.  I can call them to set a date or they can just call in when they are passing.  It did read, 'call us or else'.  I need to strip down the dining room and kitchen anyway and they will need to move furniture around to get at the meters, so it is an incentive.  Of course, my leg is very bad, so I can't do much standing, and I am at the hospital to see if a spot is a rodent ulcer tomorrow, so I may have to prioritise.  It won't kill me.  I can finish ironing the scraps of sari material while I have the ironing board out and crack on with the English piecing I have been trying.  I have sewn three hexagons - that is, tacked or basted the fabric onto three hexagon templates.  It was at the Church Knit and Natter and I got distracted by some serious gossip.

I've tried taking some photos, but my phone isn't up to all this sun.  This is the best I've managed.

These are lovely blossoms for May.  According to Shakespeare, rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.  According to the weather forecast, that should happen Friday.


  1. Well Lyssa, we in Canada have now reached summer. I think we bypassed spring. We had temps go 35.2C a couple of days ago. I am not near the Fort MacMurray fire, though I do have relatives that work but all are safe. We have our very own twin set of fires here. There are also a couple other ones out west, so we are hazy (the sky-not us), smokey which is a wonderful smell of the wood burning and under strict fire bans with a ban on ATVs and motor bikes. A devil to breathe though. Hope all heals soon.

  2. By the way, your escapades on your blog would make a fine book. Not sure if your blog is a farce on life or if, like me, you are really unept. Surely not! Lol

  3. I hope the spot is not an ulcer; will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Yes, 72F will be considered nice and cool over here. I am most comfortable when it is around 82F.