Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hanging About

I am waiting for the smart meter fitter and Tesco Delivery.  I never feel I can get much done while I'm waiting.

Bear was a lot better this morning.  I was prepared to keep him off school if he was no better, but he woke up full of mischief and giggles.  He is still under the weather, so I will keep an eye on that.  He has another test today.  He is getting himself in such a state about a test that actually isn't important.  However bear sets great store in being the cleverest in the class (not far off, according to the teacher) and he is also not happy that next year, when he goes into the new form, he may not be the cleverest.  He will probably be the youngest.  He could aspire to worse things.

I had another go at taking a picture of the blossom.

It's not a brilliant pic, but it shows that there are lots.  You can see half of the dual carriageway behind, and I must have caught it at exactly the right moment.  There was also a suitcase in the river.  I may use this pic as a prompt for Light and Shade.

I mean, there must be a story in it somewhere.

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  1. The suitcase in the river rather spoils the illusion that it is a deep river. But the picture itself (minus the suitcase), could be an illustration to R.L. Stevenson's poem, "Where Go The Boats?" Learned it in 2nd grade and has always been a favorite!