Monday, 16 May 2016

Great British Sewing Bee

The first episode of the new series was tonight, and I loved it!  There were some really tough challenges in the first show.  May Martin is no longer in the show and instead they have Esme who seems very fiesty.  

Yes, I am still scared of my sewing machine, but yet again I want to have a go.  I think one thing that I like about the show, and which I think is so encouraging to people like me, is that the judges are very kind to the contestants.  They are critical and exacting in their standards, but they are helpful and encouraging during the sewing.  

Coincidentally I had been sewing earlier.  I called in on the card making class at the Methodist church and did some English Paper Piecing.  I got at least half a dozen hexagons tacked and listened to some impressive gossip.  They are really kind, very patient and incredibly tolerant.  They created the most amazing hand made cards while I stitched.

I am definitely going to have to get out more.  Bear was most put out and made a big fuss.  As far as he is concerned, I was on a limited pass.  I barely got a chance to get in through the door before he pounced for cuddles. 

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  1. Wasn't it great?! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. I found it really interesting to see what ideas people have, how they approach things, and how they execute them. I'm in awe of their abilities.
    This year (compared to when I watched it last year) I'm a slightly more experienced sewist, and I ound it fascinating watching them do those skirts for live models.
    I also like the fact that, as you say, the judges are really helpful and supportive during the make phase.
    I missed May, but I really like Esme too.