Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Blog

Bless  I did think that we would seem rather limp to you, getting stressed by the temperature getting into the seventies!  The weather here is so variable that it is genuinely a British obsession.  People literally talk about the weather when they meet up.  It's a good conversation starter as there is usually something to talk about.  I would not cope with your weather.

Jean My blog is very much the truth.  I started the blog because before bear started school I could go days without adult conversation and it was good to 'talk' and I could share the little bits of my day.  I've skated round a few things with bear so that I hope it won't be too bad if he finds it when he is fourteen, but I have just wittered on.  I don't mind sharing my fails.  Some blogs are full of unremitting perfection and achievement and I find them very depressing.  I hope it is a sort of comfort to see that someone on the blog-sphere gets it wrong sometimes.  Besides, I think some of my fails are really funny.  I did wonder about how warm it could get with you, and I am really, really glad you are away from the big fire (if not the local ones that have made the international news).  I'd find that incredibly scary.

It's a rodent ulcer, definitely.  I'll need to have a lump off the end of my nose.  I'm not sure how I feel about it all.  It could definitely be worse, though, so I shall no doubt carry on.


  1. I love the way you say it as it is. Having had three kids myself I know the truth. I also sometimes get a bit depressed by the " perfect lives" some people seem to live and talk about on their blogs.
    Keep on blogging Su