Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Change is as Good as a Rest

We didn't have rice salad.  I couldn't bear it another day.  However I have promised that the rice salad will start again on Monday.  I may make up a very large tub, as it's the sort of thing that keeps well in the fridge, but I do think it is nicer if it is made fresh.  And I think nicer is important if we are having it four days a week.

Bear had an amazing piano practice this morning, which made a nice change.  Then we all went out to Aldi.  DH very sensibly stayed in the car while bear pushed the trolley for me.  There was less temptation than usual because the store is closing in a few days time and a new one is opening in a slightly different location.  This meant that it was a lot quicker to walk past the aisle of 'specials'.  We picked up some caramelised onion burgers which were amazingly tasty and bear spotted a special offer on black bean spaghetti.  A year or so ago we got a load of black noodles flavoured with squid ink from Approved Food.  They were 50p a packet instead of around £4, which is a big saving and bear loved them.  These were similar looking but were black soy bean noodles.  Bear insisted we pick up a couple of packets at 99p a packet.  So we had the burgers and the soy bean noodles for dinner with peas and it was all very pleasant.  It didn't look like a regular thing in Aldi, though, but more like one of their specials, so I had a quick look at the online shops I usually use.  There wasn't really anything similar so I had a look on Amazon as they have a lot of speciality food.  I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the price of some brands.  Some of them were over £5 for a small pack.  It just goes to show that when you spot a bargain, you should commit. 


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