Monday, 4 June 2018

Busyish Day

I've rung the school about the mysterious disappearing form for bear's leaving-the-school hoodie (it turned up in his book bag). I've checked with the doctor's office as bear requested details of his jabs (all up to date). I've quit my driving instructor and I'm waiting on a new one. I've set up Parent Pay which is the account which the school uses for lunch money etc. I've spent far too long on the phone to the insurance. I've sorted out the lunch money for bear's last half term at that school. I've hunted around the house and filled a couple of rubbish bags (I'm ashamed how quickly I managed it). I've managed an uninterrupted shower and I've put a few loads of washing on.  I've even written a few hundred words of the next instalment of the White Hart.

I don't know how I've managed this because I'm absolutely exhausted.  I've had some bad nights, then I was woken up by the delivery driver at 7.50am on Saturday and @ 7.30am on Sunday by one of the neighbours having 'issues' at the top of their voices. I did have an early night last night, but as I lay down I inhaled a hair and the next hour and a half wasn't dignified. 

So it may be early, but I'm off to bed.

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