Friday, 15 June 2018

Start Again Tomorrow

Bear had another Sex Education lesson today.  The mortification can be seen from space.  However he fought through it to do piano practice and to watch a couple of World Cup matches, so it didn't entirely ruin his day.

I'm looking at the free ads for pianos because the current one sounds dreadful and, according to the piano teacher, is not worth tuning.  I really want a digital piano, because they come with earphones and I might like the next lot of neighbours, but most of the ones around here proper pianos that 'just need a little tuning' and are collection only.  I'm dreading getting our current monster out as it took three or four men to get it in.  An inexpensive digital piano is still a lot of money, although probably easier to get up our steps.

I'm feeling low.  There was a writing competition that had a deadline today.  I didn't think I'd be able to enter it as I didn't have any ideas.  Then it hit me around Monday.  Ten thousand words and a lot of interruptions later I have a stonking story finished around thirty minutes before the deadline ends.  Then I recheck the submission rules.  They need a portrait photo.  I don't have one.  Bugger.  I keep telling bear to always read all the rules.  I'm not sharing this with him.  

And after all that, I was an hour late putting up the latest instalment from the White Hart and while I'm quite pleased with it, my characters aren't doing what I want.  I want to share that I'm looking forward to finding out how this segment ends as much as anyone because my plot has just been interrupted. 

At least the weather is picking up.  We caught the very mild and slimmest edge of the storm and it was still very wild.  I really felt for those caught up in the wilder weather to the north - and in June!

I think tonight is a 'watch rubbish on YouTube night' and I'll pick up again tomorrow.


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