Monday, 11 June 2018

Washing Machine Continues

The nice man came and looked at the washing machine on Friday and said that it was fine, really, just ageing a little and nothing to worry about, just keep on using it.

I've been using it today and the noise is like, well, a large washing machine whose bearings are going.  It is very loud and I is close to what I imagine a factory making mill stones sounds like.  It's a deafening, not-quite-metallic grinding.  It's not the worst I've known.  A friend used to have a washing machine that tried to throw itself across a room.  Fortunately we have a cellar kitchen and the room isn't next to any of the neighbours.  It's a level below the cellar of the people at the back and the house to the side is empty.  I'm going to have to be careful to do the washing first thing, though, as the noise echoes through the bottom two floors at least and at the height of the spin it can be heard at the top of the house.  It would certainly keep bear awake.

I've finally used up the last of the washing powder in the rusty tin.  The enamel has failed, the corners have gone rusty inside and out and I've got another tin for the washing powder.  I'm going to give the new one a hefty coat of hairspray before I fill it with washing powder which will hopefully help.

I ought to throw the old one out.  I have too much stuff in the house as it is.  However I could do with a decent tin for treats for bear and his pal.  I'm thinking of the wrapped bars, like KitKat and its clones, so airtight isn't a problem.  I could sand down the rust and use spray paint.  There are some amazing spray paints on the market.  There is rainbow glitter, which is probably not something for the lads but I quite like.  Or I could go all cast bronze, for a dignified look.  They even do a textured black granite textured which looks amazing, but I'm not sure would work as the lid is very tightly fitting. 

The trouble is, I know deep down that I have an appalling track record with projects and most of the spray paints cost more than a reasonable sized plastic tub, especially as I could reuse biscuit tubs if I bought biscuits.  It needs to be a reasonable size as we are talking pre-teen lads who descend like locusts but who are actually lovely.  It's just that something inside of me hates throwing away something that is fine apart from a little rust.  Okay, it's quite a bit of rust, but it could be fine for wrapped chocolate biscuits and cereal bars.  And it's a nice bit of kit.  It's a decent size and proportion and would be great. 

I'll have a look.  It's a great excuse to browse eBay and I can get my thoughts in order.  If it happens, I'll share.  Other things to do tomorrow: sort out everything for my brother and his partner to babysit for bear tomorrow night and re-read the huge amount of printed material from bear's new school for the parents' evening tomorrow night. 

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