Sunday, 24 June 2018

A Good Sunday

I'm not used to England looking good at the World Cup.  Mind you, I don't want to cast any slurs on Panama, but they are not on the same level as Brazil.  In my uneducated opinion, Panama played a lot better once they stopped trying to grapple the England players.  I'm also sort of glad that Panama got a goal.  You could see how much it meant to them - and they deserved it.  I suspect Belgium will be a tougher game and I plan to sit there with plenty of knitting.

It's been a very chilled sort of Sunday.  Bear has been hanging out, completely forgetting to worry about his hand which is still a little swollen but getting better, there were no fights after next door but one's barbecue and DH brought me home a watering can.

I've got a gazillion things I want to do tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to sit back, knit and watch Jackson Crawford on YouTube.  He does academic talks (some short, some longer) about Old Norse language and culture.  As there is such a strong Viking presence in York it sort of counts as research.  This image is of the Barley Hall in York and is later than the Viking period but looks awesome.

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