Sunday, 3 June 2018

Justjill and Sharon - I know! When did we lose a space? Was it a cost cutting exercise? When I actually did a proper typing course around 2005 it was still two taps but the college made us use Arial as our font as it apparently uses less ink. If you remember I did some touch typing with bear a few months ago and that is when I found out that the standard had changed. I suppose it's different on a screen, and most typing nowadays is on a screen instead of paper. I'm not sure I like it.

Today I went out with bpm for a little drive around and I felt good. It took me a few minutes to remember which was the clutch, but I was soon doing okay. I was whizzing around corners with panache and really approaching the junctions with gusto. Of course, it's a lot easier in an empty car park!

Bear goes back to school tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I plan an uninterrupted shower, a serious quantity of washing and a lot of phone calls. I'm also dithering about a coupon I received. If I make a Prime Now order, which is groceries from Amazon delivered within 2 hours, then I get £10 off if my order is worth £40. The coupon doesn't expire until Feb 2019, but if I don't use it soon then I'm guaranteed to lose it. I shall have a rummage and see if there are any bargains. It's hard to justify as I have corner shops nearby and I can usually get a Tesco order within 48 hours. My cupboards are rarely completely bare. However the £10 off makes it attractive for that order. I'll share if it's any good.

That isn't an affiliate thing. As far as I can tell, if I write a post about something and include a link to a site and you buy something then I get a small commission. Which is okay but I don't think it's for me. A few days ago I posted about the Tesco Hygro towels (which are seriously awesome) but I posted about them because I thought I would share awesome towels. If I was doing the affiliate thing I would be putting a link for the Amazon ones instead of the Tesco ones and the Tesco ones are less expensive at first glance.  I haven't really looked. There is more to the affiliate thing but I think that is the bare bones. It takes all the fun away from links, and I don't link enough to sites that would be affected, so I'm not planning on going in that direction any time soon. If I change my mind I will be very clear.

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