Sunday, 17 June 2018

Bear does Father's Day

Bear is really close to DH.  I've heard all about the stormy teenage years and how boys can clash with their fathers and I'm hoping this foundation will get them through it. 

I have had a few bad nights and, knowing DH would not be downstairs before 9.30, I thought I would lie in.  Bear is always up early but there is always food and drink around so he can help himself and I prepared to snuggle down. 

Do you know how hard it is to sleep through someone creeping nearly quietly.  Bear tiptoed past my room at around 6.30am.  Then again around 6.50.  Then again around 6.55.  Then again just past 7am.  I managed to get some sleep, but was down earlier than I hoped.  That's when I put everything together. 

I had wrapped a book bear had got for his dad, but I didn't know where he had hidden the sharpies and drawing pad that DH had requested as a Father's Day gift.  I wasn't stressed as I thought I would be able to sort it out in the morning.  Bear, however, decided to take the initiative.  He had already written the card, of course and he made a good fist of wrapping the pad of drawing paper.  He wasn't sure about the sharpies in the blister pack.  Sharpies are awesome pens for drawing and DH had asked for a particular type, so bear knew he would be happy, but he didn't know how to wrap a blister pack. 

I'm not sure about the thought processes here, but they show a lot of love for DH and I'm proud of bear.  Bear set up a folding table, went upstairs and got the oilcloth that we use as a cover for messy stuff.  Went back up stairs and got some acrylic paint, a brush and a paper plate to use as a palette.  This may have taken more than one trip.  Then he cut the top off an empty tissue box, painted it blue, let it dry, put the sharpies in the box and then wrapped the box.  He also washed the brush and threw out the paper plate.  I can't really complain about the paint splashes in the bathroom.

DH was utterly thrilled.  To be honest, so was I because bear was so determined to get things right for his dad and made that extra effort.

Happy Father's Day to all.   


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