Wednesday, 19 February 2014

And another thing

This is the reason that it is hard to climb in and out of the study window.  The bottom shoebox sized window is the dining room window which doesn't open, the window around eight feet above the ground is the study on the alleged ground floor.  The bottom half of the study window doesn't open either.

I don't normally worry about climbing in and out of windows, but something interesting has happened to the lock on the front door.  It will lock fine, but once it is open you can't get the key out of the lock.  I am waiting to see if other people can use their key or whether it is a locksmith time.  At least the door is happy being locked and I don't have to worry about leaving it unlocked with only the locked inner door and alarm on.  It's not exactly Fort Knox here, but we stay safe.

btw those are the two fruit trees that father doesn't think are too close to the house.  I know the local kids are going to steal the fruit.  Their parents will be knocking on the door complaining after they've eaten the damsons.  Father is also responsible for painting the wall red.


  1. love the gargoyle. (I know it isn't technically a gargoyle, I can't remember the correct term for one which abuts the wall).
    Perhaps we'll see him/her appearing in one of your stories?

  2. I've looked it up. I should have just referred to it as a "grotesque" or a "chimera".
    (Gargoyles carry water and have water spouts. Ooh, gargling. Why didn't the article mention that as an easy way to remember it?!!). H

  3. Witch Hazel - it was a cheapy plaster thing I found on a second hand stall. If I had my way the whole place would be gargoyled and grotesqued to the rafters. Father doesn't really approve and the begonias he put on it fell off and smashed. I'm glad you like it. WS xxx