Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Spending again

Today has been a spend day.  I have placed an online order with Morrisons for the first time.  I am not entirely sure about this.  It took a bit of time to work out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to get.  The minimum order is £40, and I'm trying to bring my supermarket order down.  I wonder if it will beat Tesco, as they have £1 delivery slots at particular times although those get booked up early.  I checked this because I also put in a Tesco order.  Tesco are doing a particularly reasonable deal on Famous Grouse and 7up.  They also do tubs of Smash which Morrisons don't currently carry.  So I am getting a delivery from Tesco of three bottles of whisky, five bottles of lemonade and a tub of instant mash potato.  I'm going to get a look again.  The Morrisons order is a bit more balanced but not particularly extravagant.

I am not sure whether I am being duped by the supermarkets or not.  The Morrisons order is around £42 with savings of around £17 with multi buy savings and offers.  Not only is Tesco doing a very reasonable offer on the whiskey and lemonade but I had a code for £4 and something off.  However I know that a lot of offers are artificial and that my market delivery is much better value.
Despite being out yesterday I spent very little, even in the cafe on the way home from Martial Arts.  Bear did manage to get me into Poundland but I insisted he paid for the cheap and nasty toy guns.  I am not entirely sure about the guns.  Then again, I'm not sure bear is either.  He loves getting guns and pretending to fire them and talks endlessly about nerf guns.  However while he is happily shooting, he doesn't seem to be actually shooting at anything.  I suspect bear loves guns and shooting but doesn't like the violence.  He's not very martial at Martial Arts either, he enjoys the fitness.  I go with the flow.

Bear has insisted that he sorts out his books today.  What he actually means is that he has pulled vast numbers of books off his shelves and then supervised me.  I will reluctantly forego a visit to Roundhay tomorrow and have promised to sort things out for him.  The books are in a corner so there isn't much room.

I need to work out how to convince bear to get rid of the full puzzle/colouring books.   I could just throw them out, but I don't think that will help the problem.  I don't want to create a hoarder that is motivated by being unable to hold on to things that are important to him when he was a child.  On the other hand he hasn't touched some of these things for years!  

Negotiations continue.

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