Monday, 10 February 2014

So far so good

I'm about to pick up bear from school.  I had to call in and give him his antibiotics at lunchtime but he was looking okay, though full of cold and coughs.  Father is very poorly with a bad stomach, which is ironic considering where he is having surgery on Friday.  DH is still hounded at work and I am building up to phoning uncle.  It is no wonder I randomly order 20kg of knitted items to unravel from ebay.  I'm just glad it was so inexpensive.

If anyone is following the Steve Adderson story, the latest installment is here.  I am having a few problems with that.  I need to do some serious thinking about what I am writing.  However I am convinced that writing is the only thing keeping me afloat at the moment, so I am making the effort.

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