Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Day Much the Same

I have had an email telling me that 20kg of knitted clothing fit for rags is due to be delivered today.  There has been no sign.  Nor has my ironing board appeared.  At least my fruit and veg turned up.

To be fair, bear has had his martial arts today.  They could have sneaked in during the forty minutes I was out of the house, but there is no card.

Less than a month ago bear was begging and pleading to avoid martial arts.  Now he insists on going despite being loaded up with cough mixture, antibiotics and calpol.  He had a good lesson as well.

Please let my ironing board arrive tomorrow or I will need to iron on the table.  I loathe doing that.  However that is when bear runs out of shirts, although father and dh should be able to last until the weekend.

Bear and one of his pals were walking to martial arts and coolly informed me and the pal's mum that they were all having tea at my house.  Me and the pal's mother (who is lovely, we have some good natters) presented a united front.  It has been postponed.  I am going to have to tidy up - and I am going to have to do that over half term.  This may be a challenge as seven year olds can have a wide range when it comes to playing.  I think it is an excellent chance for me to clean up.

Also I have just posted some valentines cards for father.  Apparently he has handed others out.  I am saying nothing!

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