Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day Continues Odd

I just had a call to say that the delivery driver had just handed a parcel to my mother.  She passed away in 2003.  I was a bit stumped.  It was actually a delivery to a friend whose mother was able to take in the package. 

And I posted on a forum without thinking about the local funeral parlour having MacMillan Cancer Care coffee mornings and chatting to them if they were on a cigarette break.  I didn't realise how deeply ironic this was until it was pointed out.

I think I will sit quietly for a while until my Morrisons delivery comes.  The delivery charge was £1, the savings were sensible, last time the quality was exceptional and I have had an email and a txt telling me the name of the driver and that there were no substitutions.   

I think I love Morrisons.

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