Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Frustrating Day

I started ringing who I needed to at 9.30am and I got the last call back at 3.05pm as I was heading out of the door to pick up bear.

I don't feel I got much further forward, except I have the name of someone who explicitly stated that they would refuse to fund uncle outside their authority.  They're not supposed to do that. Also the main people we need to speak to are off for the next two weeks.  I was missing evil cat by the end because her swear word vocabulary would have been very useful.  To be fair, once I got through to the right people they were lovely.  The hospital switchboard put me through to their hospice twice.  It didn't help.  They asked me a lot of things in Welsh, and it put me at a disadvantage.

Also uncle told me that he wanted a flat with a garden.  My instinctive reaction was unprintable.  They have pushed him according to a number of different notes to go to sheltered housing.  He couldn't cope with sheltered housing.  The discharge meeting was clear he needed residential.  From what I have heard it has not stopped them describing the new build sheltered flats in glowing terms to uncle.  Of course, with it being uncle it could all be a figment of his imagination.  Or he could enjoy my consternation.

All things considered, I am very grateful that father bought me so much Cointreau.  He is not well.  Bear is also under the weather.  I may add some Cointreau to the next order.  

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  1. I know nothing about the care system for older people, so can't help you, but just wanted to say that you seem to be doing all that you can for Uncle, so keep your chin up! Glad to read about Bear in the Sunday School play - sounds like he enjoyed it, and we have an organ like that at our chapel too! Hugs xxx