Monday, 17 February 2014

Waiting for Bear

Bear is in Martial Arts holiday camp.  I am not entirely sure about it as this morning the adult to child ratio looked a bit thin, but bear is fine.  He has given me clear instructions about his lunch box and what should be in it, double checked that I had followed instructions, and I left him looking very enthusiastic.

The bus that takes us to the Martial Arts place goes on to Roundhay Park so I wandered up to there.  I planned a day there walking but the phone ran out of charge and I had no way of telling the time to pick up bear so I am home and about to set off again to pick up bear.

There is a watering can chained to a tree in Roundhay Park.  It has been chained since Christmas.

It isn't a good photo, but I assure you that in the centre of the picture is a watering can chained to a tree and next to a small beck.  I can imagine werewolves and vampires and all sorts, but I cannot come up with a good reason to chain a watering can to a tree.  However I do know that there is nothing quite like people and truth is usually a lot stranger than fiction as a piece of fiction has to make sense.

Bear next goes on Wednesday, so I will see what other pictures I can take there.


  1. Popping in to wave hello as I haven't said that for a while! Hope you have a good half term with Bear, and I am thinking of you with all that you have going on with Father and Uncle. Hugs and prayers xxx

  2. It's good to 'see' you. I hope all is going well with you, you have had so much on. Ticking over here and very grateful for hugs and prayers. WS xxx