Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Determined to be cheerful

I'm not doing a very good job of being cheerful at the moment.  To be honest, a full day yesterday trying to track everything down was a bit grim.  So today I am going to try and keep focusing on the positive.

One positive that I am very grateful for is our warm house.  We have the heating on a thermostat and a timer, so that the heating is on only when the temperature on the landing goes below 19C and at certain times of the day when the whole house is being used, like first thing in the morning and early evening.  The rest of the time we just heat a room.  Sometimes I don't need to do that, even in winter, if it is sunny.  That is the advantage of a south facing, back to back terrace with double glazing.  The house warms up quickly and cools down slowly.  If you add in the effect of the Lakeland heated airer, we do pretty well.

This meant that when I got up with bear at 2am this morning the landing was a comfortable 18.5C and I could give him cuddles without shivering.

I have also noticed some holes near me.  I am a bit concerned as there is a lot about sink holes in the news and these are only a few yards from my home.  They are tiny, but they are new.

 Sorry about the weird layout, I may have to fiddle with the settings again.

They are honestly very small, but also very new.  I shall keep an eye out.  

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