Monday, 24 February 2014

Pottering on

Bear was the prow in Noah's Ark in the Sunday School play.  It was fun, chaotic, and DH was at his acerbic best with the sotto voce comments.  The organ plays pre-recorded music and the selection for the play and hymns was more random than normal, no-one cued their lines properly and the kids were wonderful

Bear is having a bad time with his cough.  I am a bit worried, to be honest, although he seems to be getting better.  He is just under the weather.  I daren't keep him off school and on consideration I am not sure that the three days at martial arts was a good idea.  Bear loved it, however, so I suppose that is something.

Still chasing round about uncle.  I managed to get to speak to him on the phone this afternoon and he sounded about ten years older than when I spoke to him last week.  He wasn't really with it and doing his best to be annoying to get a reaction.  It isn't a good combination.  When he is away with the fairies and being annoying I am tempted to tell the fairies to keep him.

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