Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bear is happy

Bear has saved up his pocket money, with a little help from father, and has finally got the pennies together to get the gun he has wanted for ages - at least three months anyway.  It is the Nerf Deploy (details here if you are interested) and it is apparently amazing.

It has taken his mind off the terrible injustice that he is suffering.  We have refused to buy him the Lego Movie Video game.  This is quite deliberate on our part, as DH and I both are well aware that waiting even a few months will bring the price down significantly and I am not sure that bear will actually play it.  As an over indulgent parent I could live with buying a game that he wouldn't play if it was significantly reduced.  However I couldn't live with paying £25 plus for something that will just be an icon on his desktop.

I am taking bear to a rehearsal later tonight.  He is in a play in church, apparently banging drums.  I will carry the chairs around, probably just one at a time but it will at least be exercise.

They have refused to review uncle's funding because he would be moving from Wales to England.  They haven't even referred him to the unit that checks he gets all his benefit entitlements.  Because he gets quite a good pension he wouldn't need a large top up, but they are not even considering it.  My brother is calling Age Concern on Monday to try and find out if we can challenge it, and I will be checking with the home that we found here and the local social workers.  So I am happy to listen to bear's monologues and demonstrations because then I am not worrying.  Next week I will have to start looking for work that will not only cover childcare but also give some wiggle room to help with uncle's care fees.  There is still the bright side.  It will be very healthy to get out and about.  

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