Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Parcel has Landed!

20kgs of knitted rags have just arrived.  This means 35 separate knitted garments, one odd looking red lurex blouse, a single woollen glove with a diamonte on the back and a sort of tweed cape type thing.  There is also a very peculiar maroon jumper with a fur collar.  On first sight a lot of them look too good to unravel, so some may be passed to jumble, to friends, re-used here or I may try my luck re-selling on ebay.  However I know the maroon jumper with the fur collar has a hole in an awkward place, so I suspect with closer inspection most of them will unravel and stuff cushions.  My ironing board has also arrived, so that is my afternoon and evening booked up.

I feel incredibly lucky.  We are due to catch perhaps the edge of the heavy winds and have escaped the worst of the flooding.  My heart goes out to those affected by the weather.  It must be awful feeling so much at the mercy of the elements.

I need to get a move on if the place is going to be in any way fit for visitors after half term.  However first I need to work out where I can put these so that DH won't accidentally throw them out.  

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  1. Do let us know if you find anything good in the parcel and what you do with them all - it is intriguing! xx