Wednesday 17 August 2016

Actually, Not so Bad

The new halogen oven turned up at DH's work yesterday.  Today I found I couldn't work it.  There is a fiddly button you need to press to get the handle down so it will set off - and I can't.  I'm just not strong enough.  I'm sort of hoping I can persuade DH to re-pack the dratted thing to send back.  I am not recommending Russell Hobbs Halogen ovens.  I knew I should have gone to Tesco.  At least I would have got the clubcard points.

Bear is playing at 'under the weather'.  I want to get out of the house.  Bear does not.  Early this morning he woke me up to see how sad he looked.  At the moment he is complaining about a severe headache.  I don't know about his headache but my blood pressure is definitely suffering.  I am seriously unconvinced by bear's suffering.  To be honest, I don't think I'll manage to get him into town until, well, ever.  He is currently sprawled on the sofa watching a recording of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Still, despite bear's efforts I've got some washing in, the table cloth has come up fine, and I've sewn a button on DH's shirt.  I'm a little miffed, not at DH, but he's only worn the shirt once or twice and he never loses buttons.  However I got it from BHS which is now closed, so I can only grumble.  I started clearing out a cupboard, but I can go back to that once bear has gone to bed.

It should be frittata tonight, but it's looking very like fish n chips.

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  1. I hope you are able to operate your new oven without any further difficulties. I'd be tempted to return it, if I couldn't get the door opened!

    Hope bear feels better, soon! I can't tell you how many "headaches" and "stomach aches" I used to get when I didn't want to go to school as a child!