Monday 29 August 2016

It's Something

Today I washed and ironed all the new shirts I got for bear.  He finished last year with two that were just about fit for school, what with some very miscellaneous stains and a few scuffs.  At least they were still white - washed to rags, but white.  I have six new shirts for him to start with, three new jumpers to go with the two that still fit and four pairs of trousers.  That should keep him going, at least until Christmas.

It doesn't make up for the epic fail with dinner.  Bear is insisting on helping me, and that's a good thing.  He meticulously chopped up the onion, sweet pepper and olives that went into the frittata.  The thing  is, he isn't very fast.  There is no reason why he should be, he is still only nine and getting the hang of things, but it does mean that dinner was so late that we are having the frittata cold for dinner tomorrow and bear and DH had a takeaway.

Still, on the bright side, I am now half way up the back of the jacket.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you are well prepared with back-to-school clothes for bear!

    As for dinner - it's not a fail; you just prepared tomorrow's dinner, a day in advance, so that tomorrow, you could either relax or get started on the next day's dinner prep!