Sunday 28 August 2016

DH has a lot to put up with.

I was talking to DH.  I couldn't work out why the bathroom window wouldn't stay open.  I like it open at least a crack but, no matter what I did, whenever I went back to the bathroom the window was shut.
'I even tried putting a tube of denture cleaning tablets in the groove where the window would shut but...'
'Denture cleaning tablets?' DH asked.
'Yes, you know, in a tube, and I found them...'
'Seriously, denture cleaning tablets?'
'Yes, I tried to clean the toilet with them but it didn't work.  Anyway the tube had moved...'
'You tried to clean the toilet with denture tablets?'
'Yes, and it didn't work.  It might have been because they were old as I got them ages ago to get coffee stains out of mugs.  Anyway the tube had moved.'

DH looked at me as if he was trying to decipher ancient Chinese.  I was able to reassure him.  'It's okay, I found out that every time bear uses the bathroom he shuts the window.  So it wasn't a ghost or anything.'

DH has a lot to put up with.  At the moment he is putting up with me knitting a pattern from a book, which should be okay, but it isn't as good as the one I ended up chucking out.  I think the first pattern had a lot of gaps.  It's like the person who created it (and it is an awesome jacket) knew what they meant, but didn't put everything in, because they didn't realise that a very ordinary knitter would need to know when it switched from basket stitch to stocking stitch, or if it actually did as the picture was less than clear on that, and whether a particular row counted or not when you were trying to sort out the increase.

I am determined to not only finish it, but to actually sew it up and wear it before the end of September.  According to the book, it took their knitter a total of 27 hours to finish.  That's a lot of tv to catch up on, and I'm good with that.

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