Tuesday 16 August 2016

Twenty One Days Left

We are half way through the summer holidays and I am holding up.  Today bear decided we needed to make another apple crumble and I was going to make banana bread with the squishy bananas.  We started to make the crumble when one of his pals turned up, who stays to dinner, and who doesn't like apple crumble.  We made another magic cake (which didn't really have enough time to set) and bear separated all four eggs and only wasted one!  I couldn't do the banana bread as I think I got rid of all my cake/loaf tins.  Either that or they are lost beyond recall.  I'm considering improvising tomorrow.

As it was, the pal hoovered up burgers with pasta and sauce, so that was something successful.  Bear was too busy with his pal to chop the veg for the pasta sauce, but I have promised frittata tomorrow which has lots of lovely chopping.  I don't know how many I'll be feeding, but frittata can be stretched.

I've changed the table cloth in the kitchen.  I have left it to soak in oxy stain remover overnight.  Bear has severely happened to it over the last few days, and I was worried that if I put it straight into the washing machine I would pull out an omelette.

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  1. Oh, that's too funny, about pulling out an omelette if you put the table cloth directly in the washing machine! :D