Sunday 7 August 2016

Not Fair!

Bear asked me whether there were exercises or training he could do to train him to stop being colour blind.  I had to explain that actually he was stuck being colour blind, that was it, just like me and gluten.  It was heartbreaking as bear was so disappointed after failing completely to recognise a load of colours in a game.

It will have an impact.  He will be at the mercy of guessing when it comes to clothes - he can't always distinguish between blue and purple or green and brown.  Some careers are closed to him.  He isn't going to be fully safe in a chemistry lab, which is a blow to a science minded child.

I know that actually it isn't so bad and there are so many other wonderful things bear can do and that there are lots of other people worse off, but just at that moment I forgot to count my blessings and thought that it wasn't fair.  Here's a plate from the colour blindness test.  Bear can't see that it says 74


  1. No, it isn't fair. I am so sorry. (((HUGS)))

  2. Hello Syb, completely unrelated to this blog post... Something popped up in my Facebook feed, and I immediately thought of you.
    Whilst very cute, it seems a bit dangerous to me - encouraging people to put up fairy doors to let the fairies in.
    Must be a story in there somewhere, lol!