Friday 12 August 2016


One of bear's pals came round today and they were not getting along.  I am usually in and out of the room with them to monitor the computer and there was some grumpy bickering.  I played the referee with a light hand as much as possible but I was ready to knock their heads together.  Then it came to lunch time.

Last time I offered beans on toast it was utterly rejected by both.  Bear will not touch the tinned ravioli that his pal loves, pal will not touch salad, and the guessing game about who will eat what gets more and more complicated.  I had already spent an hour racking my brains to work out what we could have for dinner that not only would use up what needed using up but also would be eaten by everyone.  This lunchtime I offered sandwiches, as the main meal of the day is around 6 when DH comes in.  Pal enthusiastically accepts.  Bear utterly rejects.  I suggest 3 minute noodles, which both tolerate.  Bear requests a pot noodle.

The pot noodle request is a wily one.  On the one hand bear knows that I am frantic for him to get rid of the pot noodles.  He swore up and down to me that he loved them adored them, couldn't get enough of them but when I bought two packs when they were half price he suddenly utterly rejected them.  On the other hand bear knows that his pal loathes pot noodles with a passion and hates the smell of them.  Pal devours the sandwich and yogurt but then makes his excuses and leaves.

I felt very bad, somewhat in awe of bear's tactics to get him to leave, and guiltily relieved that dinner was so much easier.  Thank goodness we are busy this weekend and so no pals visiting!

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  1. What I find interesting is how the parents of bear's pals seem to take it for granted that you will feed them at meal times. When my daughter was little and would go over to play with her friends in the neighborhood, I'd always call before lunch time to remind her it was time to come home for lunch. Often, her friends would ask her to stay to lunch, and then, I'd insist on speaking with the parent to see if that was OK.